Double-fisted Knitting: (3 - 4 hours)
Leap fearlessly into learning to knit with two colors at the same time. Both stranded and Fair Isle knitting styles are fast and easy when you carry one yarn in each hand. Regardless of which hand you use to carry yarn when you knit, you'll learn how to use both hands in this class. Choose a small project (hat band or small bag pattern provided) and learn the basics of handling multiple colors, creating steeks, managing yarn tension, reading color charts and . . . wait for it . . . CUTTING THE STEEKS! Previously knit samples will be provided for practicing cutting and finishing steeks.

NOTE: Both of these classes can be tailored for either a sewing/weaving audience or a knitting/crochet audience.

Flatter Yourself: (4 - 6 hours)
Do you wonder if a (sewing/weaving, knitting or crochet) pattern will fit and look fabulous? Learn to choose patterns and yarns that will flatter your inner knitting diva. We'll discuss the nuances of various necklines and sleeve shapes with photos and drawings and try on various sample garments to personalize the results. We'll also discover the mysteries hidden in pattern schematics and learn how, when they are used with your own measurements, you can ensure that your final project will both fit and flatter!

Satisfaction! (or, One Size has NEVER fit all!): (3 day workshop) Three-full days of figure analysis, measurements, pattern analysis and alterations. Whatever it takes! Go home with a pattern that will both fit and flatter! Since knitting patterns can never written for "every"body, we must make them fit. Be we large, small or somewhere in-between, there's always something that can or should be changed to make the perfect sweater or garment. Start with learning how to choose the right size (bust size is NOT always the right way to go). Add some simple fitting techniques and yes, a little bit of simple math -- and VOILA! A garment that fits!

To schedule a class, please contact Jeane at 888-699-2919 or email us.

Classes may be arranged locally at our studio or on-site at guild or shop locations. Fees are based on $650/day plus travel expenses.

Promotional arrangements are sometimes available to Elemental Affects yarn retailers.