Hard Maple wood frame with standard counter and yarn guide: $1250

Available Accessory: Nancy's Knit Knacks makes a counter/motor-control comination which allows you to enter the number of rotations, yards or meters, hit the "on" switch and walk away. The winder will stop automatically at the end of the count. This counter/motor control is $ and may be ordered directly from Nancy's Knit Knacks.

(You may order by phone: 888-699-2919 or by sending an email to: Elemental Affects. Call or email for additional information. *Credit cards are accepted but please do not include your credit card information in the email.)

1. How large is the skein winder?
The winder takes up approximately 9 square feet of floor space. Additional space on at least the left side of the winder is necessary for skein removal. The shaft of the wheel stands at about 3 feet from the ground. The winder may be operated efficiently from a chair situated in front of the winder -- needing to stand only when removing the skeins. At least one customer has chosen to put the winder on a table to satisfy her production methods.
2. How fast does the skein winder go?
The motor is a single-speed gearmotor, operated by a foot pedal. The motor was carefully selected after extensive testing. By changing the pulley and belt, it may be operated at either 60rpm or 90rpm. I have been operating my motor at the 60rpm for the last two years. I have found that too much speed, combined with multiple skeins/cones can create messy yarn winding problems. However, I've added the option to increase the speed by 50% to satisfy customers who wind fewer (and larger) skeins at the same time. The motor on my own winder has operated reliably under continuous use (6 - 8 hours in a single day) and continues reliably after 3 years. The motor comes with a 1 year manufacturers warranty.
3. How many skeins will the skein winder hold?
The winding cage is about 36" wide. I can fit up to 24 one-ounce skeins of my fingering weight Shetland -- wound 8 at a time -- before unloading the winder. Larger skeins will take up more space on the cage. For example, 4 ounce skeins can use up at least 4" each on the cage. In this case, only 8 skeins can be wound on the cage before unloading the winder.
4. What is a "yarn guide?"
The yarn guide is a long, 1" pvc pipe that sits in front of the winder. It has 8 eye screws set a 4" intervals to guide the yarn onto the winder in a set position. The yarn guide may be moved to the left and right (manually) to set up for winding an additional 8 skeins on the winder or, for fine yarn/large skeins, moved back and forth to create an even, wide skein.
5. What is the foot pedal for?
When used with the standard rotation counter, it is used to start and stop the winder. When used with Nancy's Knit Knacks counter/motor controller, it is set to an "always on" position and the winder is turned on and off by the counter/motor controller.
6. What size skeins can you wind?
The winding cage is a fixed size. I generally have 2 yard (72")and 1 1/2 yard (54") circumference winders in stock. The winders can be ordered in any circumference from as small as 18" to as large as 72". Keep in mind that our yarn size "output" is generally the same diameter. (A second cage may be ordered separately if your regular production requires a second size.) Most of the time, we need multiple sizes when re-skeining.
7. Do you have an adjustable Swift for re-skeining?
Yes, sort of. I have been working on an adjustable swift for some time. The "sort of" means that the machinist finally has the design in hand and is working out the kinks. Hopefully, I'll have it available for sale by mid-summer.