Cormo Worsted

Cormo Sport

Cormo Fingering

Cormo Lace


100% Wool

25 Dyed-Colors + White

4 oz (112 gr) skeins


Worsted-weight (3-ply): 250 yards
Sport-weight (3-ply): 400 yards
Fingering-weight (2-ply): 550 yards
Lace-weight (2-ply): 1140 yards

(all yardage approximate and quoted as "stretched")

Cormo is a very crimpy wool that, when combined with a little extra twist creates a beautiful, resilient yarn. In plain English, that translates to "has an amazing amount of stretch."

It has so-o-o much stretch, that the only way to measure it consistently is under tension. So, if you substitute Cormo yarn in other patterns for yarns with less resilience -- use more Cormo!

Knitting with this yarn can be an unexpected pleasure. Try different size needles! Using larger needles than you expect can resulting in sweaters that hug the body with plenty of built-in ease.

*The wool was combed to remove short bits and spun with a hi-twist -- both choices made to complement and highlight the natural characteristics of the fiber.

01 Cornflower
02 Royale
03 Sage
04 St. Lucia
05 Serge
08 Cerise
09 Vermilion (cool)
10 Star Coral
11 Doppio
13 Cypress
15 Tassel
18 Clove
19 Citron
20 Kiwi
21 City Shadow
22 Pacific
23 Pansy
30 Wet Sand
31 Limoncello
33 Storm
34 Aubergine
35 Dark Chocolate
36 La Oliva
37 Oyster
38 Forest
40 Saffron
41 Red (warm)
43 Manly (navy)
44 Serenity
99 Midnight (black)