Shetland Fingering


100% North American Shetland

46 Dyed-Colors + 7 Natural Colors

1 oz (28 gr) skeins


approximately 118 yards

*These range sheep do just that . . . range about in the pastures of Montana (and now Colorado) picking up all kinds of VM as they do their job weeding the pastures and mountainsides. The fiber is processed with low-impact detergent -- with most of the VM mechanically removed as it is opened and carded. Any bits you find in your skein are a little reminder of home for these high-mountain sheep.

Shetland sheep come in an amazing range of colors including a whole range of cool greys to black and light warm grey brown to a really dark brown. Every year I work with the these sheep and the shearing team and clean and sort the fleece into a manageable range of natural colors -- colors that both provide a range of natural colors for the knitter and to me as a dyer.

The range of dyed colors you see here are dyed on ALL of the natural colors except black. And, the colors here represent a moment in time. This means that dyelots shift every year based on what the sheep produce for us and how it is blended. Colors on this page and in any given set of color cards will be somewhat different -- but always representing the color intention.

01 Pink
02 Forest Moss
03 Lichen
04 Lime Juice
05 Mediterranean Night
06 Red Plum
07 Cranberry
08 Dark Violet
09 Wildflower Blue
10 Light Denim
11 Sandalwood
12 Berry
13 Cinnamon
14 Red Bark
15 Purple
16 Tropical Red
17 Lilac
19 Pretty Pink Streak
20 Dark Periwinkle
21 Burnt Cinnamon
22 Periwinkle
23 Rose
24 Violet
25 Old Gold
26 Ochre
27 Mustard Field
28 Yellow
29 Pumpkin Spice
30 Midnight Blue
31 Azure
32 Agean Sea
33 Ciel
34 Teal
35 Agave
36 Ocean Waves
37 Sea Foam
38 Deep Garnet
39 Scarlet
40 Watermelon
41 Dusty Red
42 Burnt Orange
43 Baltic Blue
44 Dark Midn't Blue
45 Dark Forest Moss
46 Bronze
47 Dark Purple